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Centerville lawyer’s Christmas CDs strike right note

Centerville lawyer’s Christmas CDs strike right note  Below is an article in the Cape Cod Times about Attorney Charles C. Case, Jr.  by Cynthia McCormick. See more at CENTERVILLE – Clients and business associates have come to expect a little something extra inside estate planning attorney Charles C. Case Jr.’s annual Christmas card. For […]

Will or Won’t? Things a Will Won’t (or Can’t) Do

A “Last Will and Testament” – aka “Will” – is a legal document that communicates your last wishes in regards to how you would like your possessions (assets, personal items, real estate) passed down to those persons/organizations you have chosen as your beneficiaries. Wills offer many benefits and are an important part of any estate […]

Preparing to Meet with an Estate Planning Attorney

Creating an estate plan is an affirming process which allows you to control how your assets are managed at all stages of your life. It also enables you to express your wishes in writing; memorializing them during your life and after you are gone. Prior to your initial consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney, […]

What is Estate Recovery?

People are living longer than in generations past, so planning for an extended retirement has become a concern for many people. As part of an estate planning discussion with their attorney, many clients also ask: “What happens to my estate if I need assistance with long-term care?” In the United States, Medicare is the federal […]

Congratulations on your High School Diploma! Let’s talk about your Estate Plan!

One of the most exciting moments of your high school career is the final moment when your Principal hands you the diploma and you skip merrily off into the next phase of your life – adulthood. Whether you are heading straight to college, taking a gap year, traveling abroad, starting an apprenticeship, or making a […]

Client Care Commitment Program (CCCP)

Case Estate Law, P.C. has taken pride in creating customized estate plans to meet each client’s individual needs. Over the years, we have noticed that people often enter our office with the misconception that, once they create a Will or Trust-centered estate plan, then they are “all set” until they die. The truth is that […]

Congratulations, you’ve remarried! Let’s talk estate planning!

Getting remarried is an exciting, but sometimes stressful, event. In today’s society, with blended families on the rise, the joy of a new marriage may also be accompanied by concerns about how to provide fairly for all members of the new family. Proper estate planning can help blended families address any issues that may arise. […]

Man vs Machine: Considering Online Estate Planning?

The world is at your fingertips. Today we do everything online – shopping, researching, meeting people, sharing photos, sending emails, handling our banking, and even submitting our taxes. Having such regular access to information has allowed us to become a world of DIYers (do-it-yourselfers), and sometimes to even save money handling matters ourselves which, in […]

General Ways to Hold Title to Property in Massachusetts

Estate planning is more than simply drafting documents. A good estate planning attorney will discuss the funding of your estate plan. Funding is the process by which the ownership and/or beneficiaries of assets are looked at, and possibly updated, to ensure they meet your estate planning objectives. Your home is an important asset. Depending on […]

Caring for Your Parents While Caring for Your Children

Caring for parents at the same time as you care for your children, your spouse, and your job can be challenging! However, with some planning you can turn a potentially exhausting time into a REWARDING EXPERIENCE for you and your family.  The following list contains some helpful tips for multi-generation caregivers. COMMUNICATE Talk with your […]