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Case Estate Law, P.C. has taken pride in creating customized estate plans to meet each client’s individual needs. Over the years, we have noticed that people often enter our office with the misconception that, once they create a Will or Trust-centered estate plan, then they are “all set” until they die. The truth is that even with the most carefully crafted documents, it is impossible to foresee every change that may happen in our clients’ lives. Changes in assets, health, relationships, and even laws, can all greatly effect whether clients’ estate plans continue to meet their ultimate goals and objectives.

The secret to a successful estate plan is one we are more than happy to share: ONGOING COMMUNICATION. Through a hands-on approach, we are able to help clients maintain and update their estate plans so that their intentions, and goals, are continuously met and fulfilled. To this end we have created our CLIENT CARE COMMITMENT PROGRAM.

The Client Care Commitment Program, or CCCP, is offered to our Trust and Medicaid Will clients as a way to provide guidance, ongoing communication, and a sense of security in knowing that their estate plans are being managed beyond initial execution. The CCCP allows us to remain in regular contact with our client participants; answering questions or addressing concerns that they or their advisor(s) may have. Assets are reviewed on an annual basis, and our firm works directly with clients’ professional advisors, to ensure that the assets continue to align with the estate plan. Documents are updated (as necessary) if there are changes in the law, or if clients want to change their beneficiaries, fiduciaries, trustees or agents.

The CCCP also offers Family Care Meeting times so that participants can meet and explain their estate plan to trusted family members and advisors who will be administering their wishes. Being able to have such meetings, with an attorney present to review any legal questions, offers participants peace of mind that their wishes are understood, and will be properly executed when the time comes. Furthermore, we offer educational seminars to educate our clients, their family, and their advisors, about the various options in estate planning, and the benefits that each type of plan offers.

Our clients wish to know that they, and their families, are taken care of now and through all of life’s seasons. The Client Care Commitment Program is a way for us to help them fulfill this wish.

We appreciate the trust our clients have placed in our firm by allowing us to serve them, and their families, with all of their estate planning needs. For more information on our Client Care Commitment Program, or on any of the other services offered by our firm, we invite you to contact our office at (508) 790-3050.